George Portrait 3

About George Gonzalez
─ a Brief Introduction

George Gonzalez (54, born in the United States) . . . I've lived in Miami, Florida for most of my life (although I did reside in California, Minnesota, and New Jersey for a number of years). Following receiving my  Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Southern California (1997), I have been a professor of political science at the University of Miami (FL) since 1999. As a scholar, I've published a number of works on the environment (global warming, air pollution, water pollution), as well as work on popular culture (television, movies) and political theory (philosophy).

After studying the world scientifically (i.e., as a thing) for my entire adult life I found this approach lacking, and came to understand that the world is much more than matter and energy (material reality).  Henceforth, in 2015 I became intensely interested in photography, seeking out the poetry/beauty in the world.  Since that time, I've passionately pursued a number of projects in South Florida – focusing on the birds and flora (flowers, trees, leaves) of the region. The Banyan tree (somewhat distinct to Miami) is itself a work of art, and a particular focus of my photographic interest.  Also, my photographic interests have inspired me to travel to different regions of the world – photographing/engaging peoples, sites, and fauna (tigers, birds, etc.) around the planet.

I'm a global citizen and someone that cares deeply about nature and all people. Hopefully, my photography allows others to "see" the world – the profound beauty, poetry that is the planet (in all its dimensions, shapes, colors).